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11 th Oct | 2016
esulation, LLC is a distributor of residential and commercial energy saving building materials, including esulation™ residential radiant barrier, commercial radiant barrier, solar powered roof vents, solar attic fans and solar gable vent fans. Our proactive solar powered products and radiant barriers are designed to reduce, and in many cases, eliminate heat gain and humidity intrusion into your home or building. With a common sense approach to insulation and ventilation we will reduce your utility consumption, improve your comfort, and enhance the overall health of your home or building. We at esulation, LLC are doing our part in a positive way to not only improve your life, but the life of our planet.
Lower Energy Cost
Put Your Home in the Shade with esulation.

On a hot summer day the difference in standing in the direct sun light and standing under a shade tree is dramatic.  Now with esulation using the same pricipals as the shade tree you can reduce your engery bill and make your home much more confortable.
Radiant heat penetrates your roof and collects in your attic.  The longer these high temperatures remain the more conductive heat enters the living areas.  Installing esulation to the bottom of the roof supports reflect radiant heat back up and out of your attic. With esulation attic temperatures are reduced by as much as 30°.  This reduces the conductive heat that penetrates your home.

Many people think that fiber glass or some other "mass" insulation is the best way to go when insulating a home or building in the South.  In a way, it is for the winter months.  But is a fiberglass blanket, or any other mass insulation blanket the best summer insulator?  Would you wrap yourself in a heavy blanket and expect to stay cool on a 95° day, or would it make more sense to simply stand in the shade?  Common sense dictates that we stand in the shade.  The same basic principle applies when insulating your home, it should be a combination of acting as a good blanket in the winter and putting your house in the shade for the summer.


What is radiant barrier?

Radiant barrier is a barrier against heat transfer by radiation.  Over the years, radiant barrier products evolved into what we have today, reflective foil insulations.  These products consist of two layers of pure aluminum foil separated by low density material which is mostly comprised of air.  Radiant barriers or reflective foil insulations made of pure aluminum foil will reflect 97% of the sun's heating energy, which, when you think about it, puts your house in the shade.

What is esulation?

esulation consists of two layers of pure aluminum foil separated by low density foam air space.  This construction is very similar to that of the Thermos bottle.  esulation reflects 97% of the heat, or electromagnetic energy that hits it.  The primary applications for esulation residentially are attics, exterior walls and under the floors of raised houses.  Commercial applications are the same for wood frame buildings.  It is also an excellent stand alone insulation for use in metal buildings.

In attics, esulation is applied to the bottom side of attic rafters, thus allowing a 5½'' air space for air to flow and reflecting 97% of the sun's energy away from the roof.  As a house wrap, esulation is installed on the ousted of the exterior wall sheeting.  It will provide a radiant barrier and a vapor barrier in this application.  Installed under floors of raised houses, esulation provides a radiant barrier and a vapor barrier.  As a radiant barrier, esulation will prevent heat from leaving the house in winter and from entering in the summer.  It will also block the passage of humidity from the damp under floor to the interior floor space of your home.  And finally, in metal buildings, esulation pro, white face, is installed directly under the metal sheets.  It provides a radiant barrier and a thermal break between the metal sheet and the perlins.  esulation will typically keep unconditioned interior temperatures in the summer at or near ambient.

How does esulation work?

So how does a product so thin (1/8'') do so much to reduce temperatures?  The answer lies in the physical science of how heat works.

Heat is energy, and as energy, is constantly on the move.  It travels from where it is to colder places in three ways, by radiation, conduction and convection.  Hot air rises above colder air.  esulation is effective in reducing heat load from radiation.  Aluminum will only absorb 3% of the heat energy that hits it, thus reflecting the balance.  Everything in nature either reflects or absorbs heat energy, and the total is always 100%.  Objects like steel, wood, blankets and even humans absorb up to 95% of the heat energy that hits them, the other 5% is reflected.  Keeping this minor physics lesson in mind, and the fact that aluminum will reflect 97% of the heat energy that hits is, you can now understand that radiant barrier is a barrier against heat transfer by radiation.